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DSC02949-layered-smWith more than 25 years of experience working within and for manufacturers, Micki understands the day-to-day challenges facing industry leaders. Her solutions have stemmed from education, experience and necessity through leading sales teams and consulting with manufacturing executives.

Micki’s focus: Profitable Growth for the Manufacturing Community

  • Grant Writing – for non-profit organizations who support manufacturers (MEP Center, trade associations, technical colleges) as well as their partners and for-profit manufacturing clients. Grant funds enable companies to more fully and effective execute their performance and technology initiatives resulting in BUSINESS GROWTH
  • Leadership and Sales Team Coaching – mission: EFFECTIVE. Micki trains and coaches individuals and teams to be more effective motivators, accountable team leaders and strategic thinkers. She brings process and purpose to sales teams to help them achieve organizational revenue goals.
  • Manufacturing Eco-systems Needs Analysis – Micki works with organizations to develop products and services that best meet the needs of the manufacturing communities they serve.

lakeview-grants-available-v1Grant Writing

grant_writing_noA solid project plan is the key to grant writing success. Micki works with your team to identify those projects within your strategic plan that are ripe for financial support via grants. Her success speaks for itself – more than $19 million dollars in grant funds for her clients.

Seek and ye shall find – Grants are available, the hard part is identifying the project, and spending the time and attention to make a plea.

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Leadership and Sales Team Coaching

384An experienced trainer and coach, Micki works with individuals and teams to improve performance, confidence and teamwork. She understands that each individual brings value to the team and also has specific learning and coaching needs.  Learn More >

The Lakeview Consulting Process

Whether she’s writing a grant or training or coaching a team, Micki follows a tried and true process to achieve results.


What Micki’s Clients Say…