Micki works with clients to understand the overall company situation and understand its future goals and objectives.

Market Needs Assessment
Micki uses her expertise and a proven Needs Assessment process to identify and quantify the needs of your company and its stakeholders. This step is critical in ensuring that any future services or programs are relevant to your customers and will be met with sufficient demand.

Service/Program Development
Based on the customer Needs Assessment or your internal knowledge of customer needs, Micki uses the Logic Model process to help leaders and stakeholders define and develop services that meet those needs. As a result, you will have a more complete understanding of the resources, capabilities and time required to see your project through to successful completion.

lakeview-icons-implementationGrant Writing Services
Micki helps her clients define their projects, identify potential sources of funding, write compelling applications and manage the grant once it’s attained. Micki’s grant proposals have generated more than $19 million to support her clients’  growth and innovation projects!

For those companies with the capability to draft grant proposals, Micki offers a thorough proposal review. Micki’s grant writing experience, combined with her knowledge of what makes a proposal “fundable”, and the custom scoring sheet she generates to clearly outline your proposal’s adherence to the requirements will increase your probability of success!

Business Growth
Are you looking for revenue growth but don’t have the resources or path to achieve that growth? Micki can help you identify your goals and execute projects to meet those goals. From process efficiency to market development to program management to help leadership accomplish growth initiatives, Micki and her team of resources are experienced in helping organizations accelerate growth and innovation.