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What Are the Chances You Will Actually Find a Grant for My Company?

Potential clients often ask me this question when discussing grant research.  And, while I know they would love to hear a percentage, such as 25% or 100% (their truly desired answer), it isn’t that simple.  There are a couple of factors that play into finding (or not finding) a good fit.   The Ever-Changing Grant

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What Are the Similarities and Differences Between a Grant and a Loan?

While there are some similarities between a grant and a loan, they are actually very different methods of paying for your growth projects.  Similarities Both grants and loans are “non dilutive” funding.  In other words, there is no exchange of ownership involved in either grants or loans.  Examples of dilutive funding include angel investment and

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What Types of Grants Do Manufacturers Qualify For?

To understand the answer to this question, it is important to recognize that grants fund outcomes.  Outcomes are what will change as a result of a company getting a grants.  For for-profit companies, examples of outcomes include job creation, capital investment, upskilling employees, and increasing the market for goods made from recycled products.   If

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Where Do Grants Come From For Manufacturers?

In the non profit world, the answer to this question is pretty simple (foundations, primarily).  However, this is a significantly more complex question for the manufacturing and business community, primarily because the sources vary by state and type of project(s) the manufacturer executes.   Here is a non-exhaustive list of the typical sources of manufacturing

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