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Grants to Fund Ohio Manufacturing Business Projects

By: Micki Vandeloo, President, Lakeview Consulting Ohio… The Buckeye State… Home to the World’s Largest Basket (in Dresden)… home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Ohio also rocks in another important way – the plethora of grants to support the state’s manufacturing community.  The state’s administration clearly values manufacturing in the state! Here are

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Does Your Business Qualify to Receive Renewable Energy Grants?

By: Micki Vandeloo, President, Lakeview Consulting There is much talk in the grant world about green energy and renewable energy.  The federal government has certainly put its money where its mouth is with regards to clean energy and renewable energy in the form of new grants to support green energy manufacturing, decarbonization of manufacturing facilities, and

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The Value of Diversity in Manufacturing

By: Micki Vandeloo, President, Lakeview Consulting There has been a much-deserved focus on diversity in many careers in the past few years. One career that has been traditionally male (and often white male) oriented is manufacturing.  In my years in manufacturing in the 1990’s, 2000’s and 2010’s, I was very often the only female in the

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Types of Grants for Minnesota Businesses

By: Micki Vandeloo, President, Lakeview Consulting The great state of Minnesota has many things to boast about! Here are some of the fun facts about this midwestern state: It is also known as the Gopher or North Star State. Major industries in the state are agriculture, manufacturing, mining, bioscience and fishing. There are 11,842 lakes in

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The Three Biggest Costs for Manufacturers and How to Offset Them

By: Micki Vandeloo, President, Lakeview Consulting Manufacturing is an expensive endeavor!  And this is especially true if you are growing or expanding into new markets.  In this article, we will discuss the three biggest costs for manufacturers and what grants can be used to offset those costs. Cost #1: Salaries Depending on your company’s size, this

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How to Start an Apprenticeship Program

By: Micki Vandeloo, President, Lakeview Consulting Apprenticeships are vital to develop a skilled talent pipeline for many manufacturers but far too many don’t consider apprenticeships as a viable alternative for talent development for a variety of reasons, including: Lack of understanding of apprenticeship programs and how they work Lack of personnel to commit to the required

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