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The Three-Pronged Approach for Securing Revenue for Your Manufacturing Business

Manufacturers have traditionally utilized a two-pronged approach to increasing the top line of their balance sheet – sales and loans. While both can positively impact the top line, there is an often overlooked third prong to securing revenue, and that is the pursuit of manufacturing grants. First, let’s explore the familiar sales and loans strategies,

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What the Made in America Executive Order Means to America’s Manufacturing Grant Programs

Written by Micki Vandeloo, GPC, President, Lakeview Consulting, Inc.  On January 25, 2021, President Joe Biden signed the Made in America Executive Order, which included the following key directives: Federal agencies must close current loopholes in how domestic content is measured and increase domestic content requirements. The President will appoint a new senior leader in

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If You Receive Equity Funding, Can you Still Apply for Grants?

Many high technology companies have accepted private equity, or dilutive, financing (it is called dilutive as it dilutes the founder ownership in the company).  The federal government supports many such high technology, high risk/reward endeavors through research and development and Innovation programs.  The most prevalent sources of government R&D funding are the Small Business Innovation

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Is All Grant Funding Competitive?

This is a great question!  While the vast majority of grant funding is awarded through a competitive process, there are some grants that don’t have a competitive element.  Here is a (likely not exhaustive) list of those that aren’t awarded on a competitive basis: Federal Grants with One Awardee:  While this might seem like the

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