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How to Qualify and Apply For Export Grants

By: Micki Vandeloo, President, Lakeview Consulting If you are interested in exporting to diversify your markets and your revenues, there is an unknown source of state funding that you should look into – State Trade Expansion Grants (STEP) or export grants. What are STEP/Export Grants?  The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a funding opportunity to

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The 10 Point Checklist for Creating a Competitive Grant Application

By: Micki Vandeloo, GPC In the course of our consulting work, we work with many different types of companies in the manufacturing and technology communities.  No matter the client, we want them to be successful in their pursuit of grants. And, we want you to be successful as well! To this end, I have created

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How to Access Grant Funding for Expansion or Relocation of Your Business

By: Micki Vandeloo, GPC There are many reasons why companies expand or relocate, including: An increase in revenues and/or market penetration sufficient to justify additional production capacity Increased proximity to key customers Increased access to employees Perceived “corporate friendliness” of one state over another From a state’s perspective, as in-state businesses expand or out-of-state businesses

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Utilizing Workforce Development Grants to Grow and Train Your Team

By: Micki Vandeloo, GPC In today’s competitive economy, the companies that win have a well-trained staff. But it is hard to be a winning company if you are spending your company’s profits training your employees. How does a company balance its need for profitability with the need to train its employees? This article will detail

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Frequently Asked Questions About Training Grants

By: Micki Vandeloo, GPC While our team at Lakeview Consulting has vast experience finding and writing proposals for both federal and state grant programs, we are particularly specialized in helping companies obtain training grants for their own and their customers’ operations. For example, we regularly help a large industrial distributor find and access grant funding

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Top Trends for Manufacturers in 2023 and Beyond

By Micki Vandeloo, GPC As we prepare to enter the last two months of 2022, I have seen some exciting trends that will impact the manufacturing community for the remainder of this year into 2023, and for decades to come.  These trends will address some of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers and enable manufacturing to

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