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Is All Grant Funding Competitive?

This is a great question!  While the vast majority of grant funding is awarded through a competitive process, there are some grants that don’t have a competitive element.  Here is a (likely not exhaustive) list of those that aren’t awarded on a competitive basis: Federal Grants with One Awardee:  While this might seem like the

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When You Find a Grant, What Do You Do Next?

It is a wonderful feeling to identify a grant opportunity that you believe is a perfect fit for your project!  You think, “Wow, someone might just hand me a check!”.  The excitement is palpable! I really don’t want to burst your bubble, but, instead of envisioning what you will do with ALL THAT MONEY, I

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How Does Being in An Enterprise Zone Benefit Manufacturers?

Enterprise Zones are economic development tools many cities and states use to attract companies and jobs.  Most commonly, industrial parks are designated as Enterprise Zones, or EZ’s, but they can be found anywhere there is a concentration of businesses or manufacturers.   Once an area is designated an Enterprise Zone (either by the city or

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What Can a Grant Writer Do For Me?

I often tell potential clients that grant writing is about 10% writing and 90% other activities.  This is why more and more grant writers prefer to be called grant professionals! Here are some of the many roles that grant professionals perform as part of the grant writing process: Project Manager – Much information must be

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