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Grow Your Skilled Workforce with Apprenticeship Incentive Grants

By Micki Vandeloo, GPC According to the Department of Labor, the number of new apprentices in the United States has grown by 67% since 2012. In 2021, there were 22% more active apprentices than the previous 10-year average (593,000 versus 484,000)[1]. Why is this the case? Apprenticeships have long been utilized for construction trades.  However,

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STEP Grants: Everything You Need to Know

By Micki Vandeloo, GPC What do you think STEP grants are?  Grants to support career pathways (STEPs to a better career)? Grants to support installing STEPs on your building? If I told you that STEP grants were actually grants to help companies expand their markets through exporting, would you believe me?  What if I told

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Securing Funding for Growth with Job Training Grants

By: Micki Vandeloo Growth is a good thing but the flip side of growth is equipping your new and current staff to address higher volumes of work.  With the low unemployment rate, manufacturers are hiring less skilled workers and training them on the job rather than trying to find an employee with a strong set

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Bounce Back Stronger with Business Recovery Grants

By Micki Vandeloo As the COVID 19 pandemic has raged across the United States and the world, businesses have shut down or have come very close due to lack of supplies, forced closures due to the potential for pandemic spread, and loss of revenue from cancelled events.  Many people’s livelihoods have been severely threatened as

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Innovation Grants Helps Manufacturers Reimagine What’s Possible

By Micki Vandeloo Have you ever had an idea for a new product or technology that you were certain would revolutionize your industry?  If so, was money a barrier for commercializing the technology? Commercialized technologies lead to new jobs and, in some cases, new facilities to manufacture products using those technologies.  Recognizing the economic impact

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