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How To Get Grant Funding for Rural Broadband Expansion

Broadband expansion, particularly to rural and underserved areas, has been a big focus in grantmaking since the beginning of COVID.  The pandemic and, in particular, the distance learning and telemedicine efforts that resulted from the need to socially distance placed a spotlight on those in small towns and other geographic areas where internet service was

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How Manufacturers Can Get Help Finding and Accessing Grants

Many manufacturing leaders find the process of pursuing grants to be overwhelming. Most have pretty full plates already, but that doesn’t mean that the prospect of finding grants must be abandoned. Help is available, but the appropriate resources should be put on the project to ensure success. This means turning to a good grant writer

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7-Step Guide to Researching and Writing Manufacturing Grants

In previous articles, we’ve provided an overview of the manufacturing landscape and how manufacturers and the organizations that support them are using grants to address the challenges they face. We’ve also detailed the manufacturing grant landscape and provided a 6-step process to help you prepare to research and write grants. Now, we’ll summarize the grant

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6 Critical Steps to Prepare for Pursuing Manufacturing Grants

Growing U.S. manufacturing companies engaging in facility or capital investment, recycling, exporting, market expansion due to trade imbalances or training can qualify for grants and should pursue them to increase return on investment, expand markets (and sales), and help the company prosper for the next generation of American workers. While the funds are available, there

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Manufacturing Grants: An Overview of Federal and State Opportunities

Many manufacturers don’t know there are grants available to help them address their challenges and fund projects that will help them meet market needs, grow, and succeed. At Lakeview Consulting, we specialize in connecting manufacturers directly with funding opportunities and improving their odds of earning grant funding. In this article we’ll answer our four most

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