We connect manufacturers with growth opportunities.

We work with you to attract and train talent and develop actionable strategies for business growth.

Business Growth Services

Running your manufacturing company presents many challenges. Lakeview Consulting provides services to help our clients knock down roadblocks to success. To that end, we developed the following services:

Are you struggling to attract and onboard manufacturing talent?

Apprenticeships are a proven way to attract talent, as they provide a path to good paying jobs and portable credentials.  However, many manufacturers don’t know where to start to develop an apprenticeship.  Lakeview Consulting helps your company design and develop an apprenticeship to meet your specific needs.  You pick the training provider and the training content.  We will coach you through the entire process, including Department of Labor registration, and will even provide mentor training to your employees!  We will also connect you with grants and tax credits to help fund apprenticeship program delivery. 

Market/Customer Research

Are you wishing to enter new markets to grow your revenues, but don’t have good insight into market needs and characteristics? 

One way to succeed in manufacturing is to expand your market reach for your products or services.  However, lack of market and customer knowledge can lead to marketing mistakes and delay market entry.  Let Lakeview Consulting help you gain the insights on target markets and customers to give you an advantage and accelerate time to market.

Do you want to increase market penetration and revenues but struggle to generate new leads or set sales appointments?

Lakeview Consulting can help you find new prospective customers and set up appointments with your target prospects.  We utilize an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based lead generation database for real time lead information based on your Most Valuable Customer (MVC) characteristics.  Then, we contact the leads using a structured process to attempt to set up a phone appointment.  All activity is tracked in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for easy progress reporting. 

Lakeview Consulting is exceptional in their abilities to research every angle needed to achieve success! I would recommend their services to anyone!

Katie Lappe, Founder of AuctionLook

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