EV Charging Grants for Businesses- Charging Ahead to a New, Greener Future

EV charging station funded by EV charging grants for businesses

By: Micki Vandeloo, President, Lakeview Consulting

America is going green! From a greater variety of electric vehicles to choose from to increased solar installations, many Americans are enjoying the benefits of reduced reliance on fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions presented by these technologies.

With the increased purchase of electric vehicles (EVs) and the hesitance of some to purchase EVs due to concern about the availability of charging stations, our country has prioritized enhancing the infrastructure to increase the number of EV chargers. Grants are now being offered by both the federal government and states to achieve this outcome at a lower cost to businesses, municipalities and homes.

Here are some things you should know about EV charging grants:

The EV Charging Grant Landscape is Always Changing

There are new EV charging opportunities coming out all the time. As state budgets are established in the second quarter of the year, and many states fiscal years start on July 1, the second and third quarters of the year are typically the busiest for new state grant opportunities. Many new EV charger grant opportunities for businesses were announced by states across the country in the second quarter, and I believe this trend will continue into the third and fourth quarters.

Preexisting EV Charging Stations May Not be Eligible

In most cases, you can’t get funding for previous EV charging station purchases. If you have previously purchased EV charging stations for your business, those purchases typically will not qualify for grant funding. Only future purchase costs can be offset by grants.

Location Matters for EV Charging Grant Availability

Some grants are targeted at charging station installation in underserved areas. Many federal charging station infrastructure grants require a certain percentage of stations installed in underserved areas. These geographies typically include inner city, rural and economically distressed areas. If you are not located in such an area, it is best to pass on opportunities that involve such criteria.

Start with State Grants for EV Charging Infrastructure

Look for state grants to support charging infrastructure for your business before considering a federal opportunity. Many states have gotten on the EV charging station grant bandwagon. And, as I tell many of my manufacturing clients, state grants will typically be much less competitive and involve much less reporting than a federal grant. Our Manufacturing Grant Database provides information on EV charging station grants for your particular state.

Pay Attention to Deadlines

This is good advice for any grant, not just EV charging grants for businesses. Some of these grants have a short window during which application will be accepted. Be sure to be aware of the deadline for applications in your particular state so you don’t miss an opportunity!

Know and Understand the Eligible Activities

Some grants only fund a certain category of charger installation (only Level 2 charger for instance). In addition, some will only pay for a portion the charging station cost, and not the installation costs associated with the project. Read the funding opportunity carefully to understand what exactly the grant will pay for.

The best way to stay on top of EV charger grants at the state and federal level is to subscribe to the Manufacturing Grant Database. That way, you will be in the know and can obtain the information you need to apply for these grants!

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