Lakeview Consulting Featured on Entrepreneur MBA Podcast about Manufacturing and Technology Grants

I was recently featured as a guest on the Entrepreneur MBA Podcast from Financing Solutions. The episode focused on strategies manufacturers and technology companies can use to secure funding through federal and state grants.

microphone to signify manufacturing and technologygrant podcast

In the podcast, host Stephen Halasnik and I discussed how COVID-19 has opened up a new world of industrial grant opportunities for both manufacturing and technology companies. We explored both for-profit opportunities and non-profit opportunities, and the factors that impact grant availability. Finally, we delivered tangible strategies for increasing the likelihood of receiving grant funding for your company.

There are a wide and growing variety of funding opportunities available for manufacturers and technology companies, if you know where to look and how to pursue them. Lakeview Consulting specializes in helping companies identify opportunities, write compelling and “fundable” proposals, and meet all deadlines associated with securing grant funding. To date, we’ve helped our clients secure over $260 million in grant awards, and we can help you too.

Listen to the podcast, and then reach out to our team to take the first step toward securing the funding you need to take on new initiatives, create jobs, grow your company, and contribute to the growth of your community.

Free Download: The Complete Manufacturer's Gudie to Grant Funding

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